We offer the newest, state of the art, dustless machines and every kind of wood available, including exotic or one-of-a-kind woods flown in from any where in the world. In addition, we offer a variety of stains and finishes, as well as green, environmentally friendly finishes. We stay abreast of all current trends specializing in wide plank flooring, custom borders, as well as, reclaimed wood! We maintain, re-sand, stain and repair existing wood floors. In addition, we offer a complete design service in conjunction with installation and refinishing. James will also take you step-by-step through the process of selecting, purchasing, installing, finishing and maintaining your beautiful floors for a lifetime.

Our wood is an expression of our clients’ personalities. Even the same family of wood, just like people, no two trees are alike. Therefore, every piece of wood will be different in color, character, the way it sands, takes stain or finishes. We believe that wood is a natural resource put on this planet by our Creator. The benefits and uses of wood are endless, one of which is to beautify our homes.

Our aim at Showcase Wood Flooring is to work with the homeowner, decorator or contractor to produce a work of art by bringing each and every kind of flooring to its full potential and beauty. We accomplish this by utilizing all the current flooring options, techniques, and finishes for the particular wood floors that are available today. Our discerning customers know the difference!